How to recognize family members who can't attend your wedding?

Weddings happened to bring out a range of emotions from happiness, excitement, love, and anticipation but on that same note; weddings can bring out pain and sadness of a loved one not being present at your wedding. It can be hard to try to fathom them not being there. I find it important to make them a part of your special day. A part of your day that you can smile at and remember how blessed you are to have had them in life.

One way is leaving an open seat for them, placing a flower, pictures, a hat or flag.


This beautiful bride wrote a message to her loved ones in heaven and released the balloon into the sky for them

These special couples chose to release butterflies.

Some other ways to remember and honor our loved ones is simply incorporating things they loved, besides you of course.

Share a drink with the departed in the form of a single drink or a toast.  


Many individuals may not want to focus too much in their memory, it could be just too soon or sensitive. There are still so many ways to add little touches.

Many couples might be afraid to incorporate a loved in fear of bringing down the mood or afraid of turning their wedding into a funeral atmosphere. With a little bit of creativity you can incorporate your loved one with smiles and celebration. These are only a few ideas that are out there, don’t limit yourself, ideas can come in many forms. Our Elegant Affairs team is standing by if you need help in making your ideas come to life.