DIY Guestbooks

Everyone wants their big day to be the best. Brides are starting to steer away from the “cookie cutter” weddings. They want to be unique and stand out among their guests. There is so many ways to make your big day unique and personalized.

One easy way is with your guestbook. This is something all your guests will interact with. Give them a place to leave you a little note or picture to commemorate the big day.

There are so many great directions you can go with your guestbook. Personally, I love the idea of a Polaroid camera that can be used to take pictures of your guest and wither inserted in a book with a comment or attached to a larger board. 

We loved this idea from Emily + Travis's Wedding where they had guests type their well wishes on an antique typewriter!

Another idea would be having some kind of sign for sign for guests to sign. This would be a great place to incorporate a pallet sign (check out last weeks post)! You could also use a larger letter sign, like your last name. 

This last idea is definitely for someone with a love for crafting. It a little more difficult but looks great. With some research pre-made ones could be found. The drop top shadow box/frame filled with hearts, or a shape of your choice has a rustic yet romantic look. Maybe be more difficult but I think it’s worth it.