DIY Flower Ball

Everyone loves flowers sometimes they just aren’t feasible. Whether for allergy reason or looking to save some money many weddings are flowerless.

There are still great ways to decorate your wedding that won’t have you even missing the flowers. Flowerless weddings are becoming more popular to cut down on waste and cost.

These DIY flower balls are a great way to have a touch of flowers in your wedding without the real thing. They’re perfect for cocktail hour and dinner centerpieces or some ceremony decorations.

Warning: they may be time consuming and require some patience. But the results are definitely worth it.

The first thing you’ll need is styrofoam balls. You can choose the size and quantity that work with your big day.

Next you can choose what kind of paper you would like. You can use all one color, like this example, or you can mix and match different colors or patterns.

Then choose a paper punch to cut the flower shape. These can usually be found at any craft store. Pick any flower shape you like. 

Depending on the flower shape/size you may want to layer the cut outs like this example. You will then need some needles to pin the flower cut outs. A great kind to use is a pearl-topped corsage pin. But a small needle or other topped pin would work well too. 

Then you just need to take some time to pin the flowers to your ball. After this you’ll have your finished product! These balls are simple yet romantic and would be perfect on a vase and paired with some candles or hung from ribbon. 

Hope you enjoyed this idea! Come back next Sunday!