The Wedding Veil: Part 2

Welcome back to all things veils! Last week I brought you a complete list of wedding veils - Now that you've selected the style you love, here's how to make sure the veil looks photo ready on your big day!

Choosing the right veil:

  •  Be sure to match the color of the veil to your wedding gown. In order to do this make sure you bring a swatch of fabric from your dress when you go veil shopping!


  • Hang up your veil when you first receive it to naturally loosen wrinkles.
  • Store it hung and away from sunlight until your wedding day- peeking is allowed!
  • A long tulle veil may wrinkle easily, so be sure to steam your veil the night before your wedding (no iron! This can discolor or damage the veil)

How to wear:

  • Consult your hairstylist! Like I said in my last post- Don’t forget to keep your stylist in the loop!
  • For outdoor ceremonies (especially on windy days), consider loosely wrapping your veil around one arm. (Your maid of honor will thank you after!)

For any of you DIY'ers- How to properly fasten a veil:

  • For the most secure hold, fasten your veil by first flipping its comb upside-down (teeth facing up). The “U curve” of the comb should curve away from your head.
  • Slide the comb upward so that it grabs a bit of hair and then flip over so that the “U curve” correctly cups the back of your head, wiggle that into place and voilà!