DIY Card Boxes

This week I found some grey DIY card basket ideas. This is a great way to give your guests a place to leave cards and make sure they stay organized and don’t get lost. The great thing about these, like any DIY project, is you have so many possibilities to customize it and make it unique. You can the perfect way to match it to your theme and colors and just add that extra touch to wow your guests.

 The first thing you could do is to use small boxes cut and put together with a card slot. You can decorate the boxes in any color or patter with ribbon, lace, flowers, and bling. 

If you are going for a more vintage vibe there are some great way to tie a card basket in. I love the use of an old bird cage. These might be a little harder to find but are so beautiful and delicate. I also love the use of an old suitcase that isa more vintage eccentric style. 

Another unique one is a mailbox. For a more rustic style window I think this would be perfect. Add some burlap and lace or use some flowers and ribbon to great the perfect look for you. 

Finally a simple idea is to just a use a basket. You can still decorate and make this unique to you. You can paint them or add some small touch for a simple classic feel. 

Have a great week, and check back next Sunday!