DIY Personalized Wine Bottles

Who doesn’t love a good mini wine bottle? These are the perfect favor and way to put a little personalization in your day. I just love the personalized label that looks like you had your own personalized bottles made.

These are extremely easy to make. All you will need is the mini wine bottles. You can get whatever variety you want and any brand that you want. It’s going to take some time to get all your personalized labels on the bottle but if you start early and do a couple a day it’ll be easy. 

You can get the labels made online and then apply them yourself. You can design them however you would like. With your names, pictures, or whatever you desire. Then you just have to apply them and add any kind of extra touch you like. A small bow like the picture or maybe a ribbon to add to the bottle and tie in your color scheme. 

This is a great way to impress guest and make everything just a little extra special.  You can use them as favors at the end of the night or provide them at the bar for guests throughout the reception.

Hope you enjoyed this tip! See you next Sunday!