The Rehearsal Dinner

Weddings are a day that most girls dream about but before the wedding can happen there needs to be a rehearsal dinner. After all practice makes perfect, but many people do not want to spend some of their wedding budget on a big rehearsal dinner. Here are some tips to having a special rehearsal dinner without breaking the bank.

1.)   Having a barbecue or a family member make the food at a nearby relative‚Äôs house is a good way for everyone to be able to mingle and have fun while avoiding the costs of restaurants.

2.)   If you want to keep the rehearsal dinner small, try having the rehearsal dinner two days before the wedding, that way only the wedding party and a few close relatives will attend instead of all the out of town guests.

3.)   On the contrary though, if you want to have more time with out of town guests then inviting them to the rehearsal dinner is a great way to get to spend a little extra time with them.

4.)   A great option for cheaper entertainment at a rehearsal dinner is a video or slide show of home movies and pictures of the bride and groom growing up!

Just remember that the wedding is all about the bride and groom and have fun with every aspect of it. The rehearsal dinner should not be stressful so make it as enjoyable and fun as possible!