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From the beginning, I, more than my husband, wanted a wedding coordinator. It was going to be a big wedding at the Seattle Aquarium so I was perfectly happy to outsource most of the arranging and coordinating to a professional who has done and seen it all. This is what I found in Lori Losee (owner and senior planner of Elegant Affairs) who, by the way, is one of only 7 preferred coordinators in the aquarium’s list. She was extremely responsive, flexible, detailed, highly organized, while managing to be creative and positive throughout the whole process. She reviewed all our vendor contracts, created detailed timelines, did the coordination with our different vendors, while gently reminding us to take lessons for our first dance.
So after 8 months of planning, the day of the wedding came and it was amazing. Talk about sticking the landing! Our families and friends were wowed by the event and the venue. And my husband and I were in the moment to take it all in and enjoy it. The success of the day is due in no small part to the work of Lori and her team. If I didn’t hire Lori for the wedding I would have needed and been forced to hire a therapist. It was vastly more fun hiring her. So don’t hesitate, book her today!
~Tania + Brian, Seattle Aquarium, August 10, 2019

When my previous wedding planner quit halfway through the year, I was panicked not having anything booked or any help and it was 7 months until the wedding! I got in contact with Lori Losee and I am SO SO grateful I went with this company. Lori made sure I felt confident and relaxed but also was very organized and I knew exactly what had to be done. She was so helpful and we were able to create the most BEAUTIFUL day. I am so grateful for this woman and the company Elegant Affairs. They did an amazing job and I would recommend them to every couple!
~Sophia + Mitchel, Tacoma Elks, July 20, 2019

Don't hesitate - book Lori right now. We were one of those couples that didn't think we needed an wedding coordinator. We were required to have a day of coordinator by our venue so after months of planning on our own, we called Lori. From day 1 I wished that I had pulled the trigger months before. She organized what we had previously planned, clarified details, was an incredibly helpful coach at getting through the to do list in the month before, and helped every single one of our vendors show up as their best on the day of. Most importantly - Lori is the best kind of friend you want to meet. Her selfless nature will blow you away and her professionalism takes so much weight off of the couples' shoulders. I am so so happy that she was next to us in those last few weeks - I only wish it could have been for longer!
~Cass + Will, The Farm Kitchen, July 6, 2019

Lori came along for all appointments and I couldn’t explain all the things I didn’t know I needed! I was so lucky to have her for the wedding prep and on wedding day OMG WHAT A GOD SEND! Lori and her team did an amazing job and our wedding was perfect thanks to her.
~Sophia + Jeremy, The Kelley Farm, June 22, 2019

Where do I begin. This Crew is top notch top notch from beginning to end. Nothing was forgotten, everything was perfect. Lori and her crew are amazing. She had every little detail from a complete moment-by-moment itinerary for all included in the wedding. To every single little detail you can imagine. I felt like I was on the set of the J-Lo wedding planner, something went wrong with my flowers and her crew immediately fixed it perfectly. They were extremely attentive to everyone's needs they made sure everything happened when it was supposed to happen to the letter. They made sure we exited the venue timely, they made sure any issues were properly addressed so there was no stress on the bride, the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom. She made sure that everything went smoothly and any behind the scenes glitches were unrecognizable. She knows her stuff and she's excellent at her job. Everyone that she recommended, outside vendors also top-notch! If you're looking for a wedding planner she's the one!
~Andrea, Aunt of the Bride, The Kelley Farm, June 22, 2019

Lori and her team are amazing. She was always so easy to get a hold of, she took care of any concern I may have had. She came to every meeting I asked her to. The wedding day went off flawlessly and I could not have been happier.
~Alicia + Jeff, Monte Cristo Ballroom, June 8, 2019

I can't imagine not having Lori. As the mother of the groom I wanted someone who could make sure everything got done. Lori was amazing, we were in a unique situation where the wedding venue double booked and 8 weeks before we had to find a new location. I don't know what we would have done without Lori. She helped coordinate a new wedding in a time crunch. Best investment in your wedding day is a wedding planner!
~Betsy, Mother of the Groom, Suncaida, May 26, 2019

Photo by Lloyd  Photographers

Photo by Lloyd Photographers

Do yourself a favor and hire Lori at Elegant Affairs. She is amazing. When we first met with Lori, we explained that we wanted a small, simple wedding at our home (20-25 guests). We wanted it to be more like a house party, less like a wedding…and she delivered...big time! From planning, decorations, seating, recommendations on a photographer, to writing the perfect script for our ceremony and backing us up when the caterer decided to bail...Lori was fantastic. Every one of our guests had a great time, everything came together. Even when we surprised her at the last minute with some minor changes (like when we told her a week before the wedding that he had a live band coming), she was professional, and on top of it all. Nothing fazed her! Seriously people...if you want a professional who delivers at a great price and provides an amazing ceremony and event...she’s the one I’d recommend!
~Lorre + Dave, Private Residence, April 20, 2019

I am so glad that Lori was our coordinator! She was so helpful throughout the entire wedding planning process. Even before she was "on the clock" she was available by email to answer questions about other vendors, the venue, or any other funny little wedding detail. She was amazing at the wedding, making sure that everything ran smoothly while we all got to have fun! There is no way our wedding would have been as lovely if she hadn't been running things behind the scenes. Not only is she an absolute BOSS at her job, she is fun to be around and made me feel calm, cool, and collected when I'd email her with a litany of questions. My husband and I are so pleased that we got to work with Lori and I'd reccomend her to anyone in a heartbeat!
~Maria + Jordan, Port Gamble, April 6, 2019

I met Lori at one of my best friend's wedding the summer before mine. As I watched her work I was totally amazed at how smooth and easy she was making things look. I am pretty stubborn so I started planning my wedding thinking about how I was going to be so organized and have everything be efficient. So I started looking and picking out vendors and reading advice online and I instantly became overwhelmed and discouraged. I am living in Florida and planning a wedding in Washington. I decided I needed help and reached out to my friend on contacting Lori. Instantly, I knew it was exactly what I needed so I found a package that worked for me. As soon as we paid the deposit, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders. I knew that Lori was going to make everything smooth and easy for my mother and I. AND she did that and more. She talked with me about my wants and style I was looking for and had some AMAZING vendors that she knew and recommended. I felt great knowing that these were people Lori trusted, because I've seen Lori's work and she expects and demands the best from every vendor. Lori will fight for what you want, make the phone calls you're dreading, and help your wedding dreams blossom into reality. I cannot thank her enough for the beautiful and perfect wedding she helped create for us. She brought the "A" Team and the venue was so beautiful and I got so many compliments on decorations, music, lighting, florals, cupcakes, displays, EVERYTHING. People complimented every little detail of my wedding. Lori made this happen. I would recommend her to anyone who feels lost or overwhelmed. She will literally carry you to the finish line if she has to. She brought Vreni with her to help at the wedding and she was great too! Again, I will always recommend Lori. Stop hesitating and make your life easier already!!
~Corinne + Michael, Lake Wilderness Lodge, December 29, 2018

When my daughter mentioned that she thought a wedding coordinator would be a good idea to help plan/ coordinate her wedding I wasn’t really sure. She had seen Lori of Elegant Affairs in action at her friend’s wedding and described her as “a wedding ninja” who was everywhere and took care of everything. I thought it would be nice to be able to enjoy the day with someone else in charge and luckily Lori was available. Immediately I found out what a great decision we made! Lori had lists of vendors to recommend that she had worked with and helped tailor our team based on fit with my daughter’s vision AND our budget. It was such a relief to have people to book that were guaranteed reliable. Lori saved us more than her fees in prices of vendors guiding us so we knew what we needed and never had to worry that we would forget anything. She personally checked on everything and answered every question quickly and thoroughly. Closer to the wedding, she ran the venue walk through ensuring they would have things set up as we wanted and mapping out where everything would be and how it would run. All this was based on what WE wanted. On the big day Lori and her team organized an all star team of other vendors taking care of every detail even more amazing than we imagined and, best of all, all we had to do was enjoy the day. She is truly the “wedding ninja” and so much more. Now I tell everyone that my most important piece of advice is that you MUST have a wedding planner. Elegant Affairs—best money EVER spent!
~Carolyn (Mother of the Bride), Lake Wilderness Lodge, December 29, 2018

I have had the fortune to work with Elegant Affairs and specifically Lori - not once, not twice, but THREE times. I first met Lori when I was the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding. It was the only wedding I had ever attended where all the details were handled, and I was able to enjoy the day along with the bride and groom. I left that event knowing that Elegant Affairs had to plan my wedding (I wasn’t even engaged yet). 

Fast forward one and a half years, and I was now engaged. We started to plan our wedding and we landed on a destination event and an in-town reception. This furthered my resolve that Lori was going to be critical to making our dreams a reality. Lori not only helped us plan a wedding in Cabo San Lucas (in addition to the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and welcome happy hour), she also planned out the entire reception back home. 

Lori makes her brides and their significant other feel like you are the only two people in the world. When she has a planning meeting with you, she really listens and makes sure that what is important to you is present on your special day. She also is a negotiation ninja – be it in the markets in Mexico while we were picking out the décor for our reception, or on the phone with vendors who wanted to charge a crazy fee for upgraded chairs, she went to bat for us time and time again. 

Without Lori we wouldn’t have been connected with our amazing photographer Eric James whose talents were above and beyond our expectations, or the incredibly talented Shane from Oak and Fig Florals who helped build table scrapes that our family and friends are still talk about. Even her husband Steve pitched in and acted as a bouncer when a group of people tried to crash our small 50-person wedding. Lori built us a team of people who were able to far exceed our wildest dreams and she did it on time, on budget, and in a foreign country.

Having a wedding planner for some people may seem like an added expense. However, I strongly encourage you to consider what you want your day to look like. Working with Lori provides the bride all the fun of planning the wedding without the drama. Through this process my husband and I not only got the wedding of our dreams, but we also gained lifelong friends. I cannot recommend Lori and her team enough, if you are on the fence I would encourage you to at least call and set up an initial meeting.  I promise you won’t regret it! 
~Kylee + Nic, Casa Dorada in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, November 16, 2018

Lori and her team are amazing! Lori was always very quick to respond to any and every question right from the beginning. She always put mine and Noah's priorities first, respected our budget, our vision and our needs while helping us get everything done. Lori made me feel so confident throughout the process and always put us first. Even when we hit a big road block with our florist, Lori stepped right up, handled the hard conversations and kept our needs the priority. The day of could not have gone smoother, Lori protected me from all of the behind the scenes work and made sure Noah and I and our families were comfortable, relaxed and having the time of our lives. Thank you so much to Lori and the Elegant Affairs team for making our wedding day perfect!
~Adriana + Noah, Within Sodo, October 20, 2018

Elegant Affairs is MARVELOUS! Lori Losee planned and coordinated our September 2018 wedding. You may wonder why it took so long to write a review; honestly, there is no way to describe all the many details and nuances that Lori covers to give you the best day of your life. Lori is a bulldog wrapped up in a sorority sister masquerading as a ninja. She created the exact wedding of our imaginations, giving recommendations and design insights. Lori took the stress of dealing with contracts and coordinating vendors; freeing us up to enjoy the design, DYI, friend and family bonding of the wedding planning process. She is the friend you want, the voice of reason you need, and the planner of your dreams! With Lori helming the staff at Elegant Affairs, they delivered a day that was whimsical, sophisticated, a little quirky and full of love. They delivered a day that was all us! Behind the scenes Lori and her team were so well coordinated that you don’t even notice they are working magic to have your day flow smoothly. Every timeframe was hit, every design element executed to perfection, every detail thought of.
~Megan + Matthew, Lakewold Gardens, September 29, 2018

Photo by Unique Moments Photography

Photo by Unique Moments Photography

As a former Elegant Affairs team member I had “booked” Lori long before I was even engaged. Lori is a friend and mentor to me and having her with us on our wedding day was truly special. Lori is professional, kind, fun and really knows her stuff! She can control a crowd like no one else all while keeping the bride and groom completely calm! I would (and have already) recommend Lori and Elegant Affairs to couples planning their weddings. Lori will exceed your expectations and create a magical and seamless wedding day for the couple, their families, the wedding party and the guests. Whether you need full planning assistance or just day of coordinating, Lori makes every wedding a top priority. You will no doubt have all of your questions answered and all of your stress put at ease when you hire Elegant Affairs. Thank you, Lori! Our wedding would not have been so perfect without you! 
~Melissa + Connor, Tacoma Yacht Club, September 2, 2018

For every couple/bride/groom-to-be, Lori is the planner that you need by your side and she is nothing short of MAGNIFICENT! Over the last several years, I have had the privilege of witnessing many of the amazing weddings that Lori has been at the helm of planning and coordinating. Each was very pleasing to the eye, well-orchestrated, and incredibly organized from start-to-finish. With each of those couples, I was able to experience the fun that came with the opportunity to be stress-free, which is how many of the brides felt during their wedding day, and was a 180 degree difference from several other friends experiences. I knew that the most important element of any wedding planning for me would require the ability to balance the stress of a wedding with day-to-day life and work, so as soon as I saw that it was possible, I knew exactly who I was going to call when it was my turn. We called Lori in the peak of wedding season, and even though we were getting married over a year later, we never felt less important than the bride getting married that upcoming weekend. At the end of every meeting, phone call, or email exchange she leaves you feeling prepared and ready for anything that can come your way. She also brings with her a wealth of fellow collaborative vendors to ease your mind as you are deciding on caterers, photographers and venues. I cannot say enough for the work and love that Lori put into our day, but I do know that I couldn't have done it without her.
~Jessica + Adam, Swans Trail Farm, September 1, 2018