DIY Submersible Centerpiece

One of the latest trends and my personal favorite is the submersible centerpiece. Something about a submerged flower in a vase with a candle that I just can’t get over. These centerpieces can be so elegant and romantic and perfect for any kind of wedding. But who wants to break the bank over this.

This centerpiece is a lot easier to put together than you would think. The great thing is you can make it as simple or as complex as you want.

An orchid is commonly used for this centerpiece but most flowers would work just as well. It’s up to you and the your vision for the big day.

First, you’ll need to choose your vase. Larger skinnier vases are usually used, but they can be paired with a few smaller ones to create a more dramatic look. Depending on your flower sometimes round ones can be used.

Second you’ll need to choose your flower. I’m going to use orchids for this example. It’s easiest to use fake ones when doing it yourself (and no one knows cause they’re submerged).  Measure it to the vase and clip with wire cutters. 

Thirdly, you will pick what kind of filler you want for the bottom. Glass, sand, shells, beads, and stones are all great fillers to use.

Your next step is optional. A small waterproof light could be placed within your filler to give the piece a little extra glow. However, this is not necessary and based on your preference.

Finally it’s time to add water. Fill your vase to the top, or at least enough to submerge your flower. A tip on this is to test your flower choice before the big day. Leave it submerged for 24 hours to make sure the dye of the flower does not run.

And just like that you have a centerpiece. You can add a floating candle to the top or surround it wiith different sized vases. The possibilities are endless with what you can do. You’ll have a unique centerpiece you saved a ton on and some extra money for the honeymoon!

Check back next Sunday for another great DIY idea!