6 DIY Ways to Use Mason Jars at Your Wedding

Happy Sunday! Get your week started off with some great DIY ideas for your big day. We can’t all be sorority level crafters but these simple crafts will have you looking like a professional and saving you big bucks.

Rustic chic has become the latest phenomenon in wedding themes. This deconstructed yet elegant twist on décor is taking the wedding world by storm. It’s the perfect place for you to try out your crafting skills and make some unique and personalized décor.

In the spirit of springtime I’ve found the perfect mason jar decorations that every rustic chic wedding needs this season.

1.      Mason Jar Lanterns

These lanterns are one of the simplest ones to make. All you need is the jar and a small tea light. Then you can personalize it in any way you choose. String, lace, flowers, or even glitter could make for some simple centerpieces, aisle runners, or just a simple touch throughout your wedding.

2. Mason Jar Centerpieces

The possibilities with this are endless. The jars make for a simple yet classic look and can be decorated anyway you see fit. Lace and burlap are common and of course filled to the brim with flowers. Another twist is to use different sizes and incorporate candles, cut outs, or just more flowers! This is your opportunity to create a unique centerpiece display.

3. Mason Jar Aisle Runners

This is one of my personal favorites. A simple jar of flowers either placed or hung is a great way to create some drama along your aisle. The simplicity yet elegance sets the tone and lets all eyes be on you.

4. Mason Jar Glassware

 This trend has become popular for more than just weddings. Mason jars are a great way to liven up your drinks and you can add a cute straw or personalized drink flag.

5.Hanging Mason Jars

For an outdoor ceremony, single jars hug by string with candles or flowers can be a great way to set a warm and rustic feeling. It also give you the opportunity to customize and personalize them as much as you want. Another great idea if possible is the chandelier. This is a more expert task but one of the most beautiful for a barn ceremony or reception.

6. Mason Jar Favors

Wedding favors is probably one place it would be nice to save as much money as possible. These two options are easy yet unique favors that any guest would love. Try using a local delicacy, or something like the caramel corn or a mix like the hot cocoa.

Mason jars are the perfect way to get a unique and personalized touch without breaking the bank. You can find the perfect way to incorporate mason jars into your wedding whether rustic chic is your theme or not. 

Stay tuned for some more DIY tips from me next Sunday!