What to do with all those photos your guests take!

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

This week’s wedding etiquette lesson is all about who, what, where, and when to post those photos you took during your friend’s big day!


This is all about you, the guest. The self-proclaimed professional iPhone photographer who can be seen taking 50 pictures as the bride walks down the aisle. And of course a few selfies with your selfie stick while you’re waiting for things to get going!


Take pictures of everyone and everything! The bride and groom want to see their wedding from your prospective! So don’t be embarrassed, take those selfies! And if there is a photo booth at the reception, put on those crazy glasses and wigs and join the fun in front of the camera!


Post your photos on social media! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and whatever other outlets are popular nowadays. A lot of couples will make a hashtag (#) for their wedding so if there is one be sure to use it!  


This is the most important part of this entire lesson! Wait to post! Wait to post your amazing photos until the bride and groom have exchanged their vows! This is especially important for anyone in the wedding party. Don’t ruin the ‘first look’ by posting an Instagram of how great your best friend looks in her wedding dress before her groom gets the chance to see her.

Photos are a great keepsake and they really are worth a thousand words, but only if they are used wisely! Make sure your photos aren’t taking away from the experience or ruing any special moments throughout the day.