Did you know there are ceremonies inside the ceremony?

Many of us when we mention the wedding ceremony, it’s an “I do” and they kiss. This is true but what is all that other stuff they are saying and doing up there? This is referred to as the unity ceremony.  This is a demonstration and dedication, joining the bride and groom. There are thousand of ways to join one another. Some are very religious and traditional while others are new age. Here are some ideas that I have gathered.

Unity Candle/Water/Sand ceremonies

The Unity Candle, Sand and Water ceremonies are usually a representation of 2 coming together as one. It is impossible to separate the two once they are mixed.

Yours By John Photography

Yours By John Photography

The following is a beautiful symbol including the whole family, each member pouring separate colored sand into a jar. They are united together.

Tying of the knot

The fisherman knot represent the 2 cords coming together, the knot represents marriage, symbolizing strength. As stress is applied the knot becomes even stronger. 

Photo by Brooks Scribner

Photo by Brooks Scribner

Planting of a tree

There are many variations are out there of this. Some couples will take dirt from childhood homes.  Some will also ask their parents to water it as a symbol for they way they have influenced and encouraged love. The tree can be transplanted later at the newlywed’s home, symbolizing putting down roots and strength within the marriage.

Red string

Originating in East Asia red string is wrapped and tied around the little fingers. The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break.

Hand joining

Hand joining is very similar to the finger cord.


By sharing chocolate with one other, you promise to always be present for each other, in darkness and light, in sweet and bitter, in dismal and delicious.

Tasting of the 4 elements

The tasting of the 4 elements represent the sour, the bitter, the hot, and the sweet times of marriage.

Foot washing Ceremony

While this seems to be a very odd ceremony, it is deep with tradition and spirituality. Christian based, many people have different views on the symbolization here. 

Wine lock box

During this ceremony couples will nail a bottle of wine from their wedding day into a wooden box. Many times they will also place love letters to one another inside the box. This box is then opened at their one-year anniversary, 5 year, 10 year. Sometimes it is to be opened during rough patches within the relationship to remind one another of the love they share.

Photo by  Jacquelynn Brynn

Photo by Jacquelynn Brynn

Below are some very creative, fun new ways to unit one another!

Unity cocktail

Unity Sandwich anyone?

Umm Log cutting?

The options available are endless. Try not to limit yourself. Whichever way you choose to go, traditional, religious, or something totally unique.

Dove Release

Crozier Photography

Crozier Photography