Adding a Touch of Sparkle to your Wedding!

Glitter. Such a fabulous thing. Who doesn’t want their big day to sparkle? From the dress to the ring to the decorations, you can’t go wrong with sparkle.

Glitter is a great thing to add to almost anything in your wedding and easy to do yourself. The possibilities are endless and you can add a mega amount of glitter for a sparkly diva inspired day or some subtle touches for a softer romantic look.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to incorporate some glitter into your big day:

First off, meet Mod Podge. This will be your new best friend for all glitter related projects.

Once you’re acquainted with Mod Podge you can begin the glittering. One of my favorites is just a simple glittered vase. They can be perfect for centerpieces if you’re looking to save money there or maybe as some cocktail hour centerpieces. You can do so many great things with these from filling them with flowers or candles and using any type of glitter you desire.

These are quite easy to create, you simply tape off where you would like the glitter to stop and then apply your Mod Podge to that area. Then you can glitter away! Afterward it’s best to apply Mod Podge over the top or an adhesive spray to seal it and keep it from leaving a trail of glitter everywhere.

Glitter is awesome and you can use it in so many great ways and on so many things. You can create patterns or an ombre effect or use it as a filler for flowers or candles. Here is a few more of my favorite glittered pieces.

Hope you got some great ideas and check back next week for more! Happy Sunday!