Adding personal touches to highlight you as a couple!

Happy Thursday, Michelle here!

Are you planning for an upcoming wedding? What if I was to ask you how much of you is actually added to your big day? That may seem like a silly question, but I can assure you it's not. Sometimes it can be so easy to get lost in the elegance, beauty and trends that we forget to add the true substance behind our wedding, the love between your significant other and you! I mean this is an occasion to celebrate your special relationship with friends and family.

First thing is first when adding intimate touches to your wedding day. Consider what is significant in your relationship? First dates, foods, inside jokes, movies, anything that is special between the two of you. This is your love story, so let's tell it right!             

You can add your own flavor in small simple ways,

Marrying a lover of poker? Or maybe for a destination wedding in Vegas?

photo:     Millieu Florals

Or maybe to your pictures,

Dinosaurs and super powers are always a fun addition!

Photo Credit:   RSB Photography

Photo Credit: RSB Photography

Wedding favors are a must

Do you have a whiskey lover or are you a gardener?

Photo by Magpie Paper Works

Photo by Magpie Paper Works

Photo by Magpie Paper Works

Photo by Magpie Paper Works

Don’t forget the party of the year, the Reception!

The first dance doesn’t have to something classical, everyone loves a flash mob!



Nothing spells out love like a happy belly

Have the menu be full of your favorites foods/drinks! Or the menu you ate on your first date. Something that is you!