DIY Twine Lanterns

The arrival of springtime has had me really loving the rustic and vintage style weddings lately. This new trend has been popping up on my Pinterest and I think it’s time to check it out.

These twine style lanterns are really cute and rustic especially paired with some lights. They would be great for an outdoor wedding in surrounding trees or hung around a barn.

For having such a delicate and intricate look they are actually quite easy to make. You’ll need some ingredients and a little bit of time so plan accordingly.

First you’ll need balloons. However many lanterns you would like is how many balloons you will need. Then blow them up to the size of the lantern you would like. It’s fun to mix and match sizes and then have them hang in a cluster.

Second you’ll need twine. Pick whatever color or style compliments your big day. Then you’ll need to make a mixture of glue, cornstarch and warm water in a large container until all lumps are gone. After you will need to cover each balloon in petroleum jelly.

The twine you have picked will be covered in the mixture and wrapped around the balloon. Hang the balloon to dry from something like a shower rod for at least 24 hours. Finally you can pop the balloon and you have your finished product! It’s a good idea to spray some clear spray paint or adhesive spray to it to keep it in tact for the whole event.

You can now add string lights or some battery operated tea lights to create a soft romantic feel to your venue.

You can also use this technique for a small candle holder; which I personally love. They could be great for cocktail hour or centerpieces if you’re going more rustic and simple or avoiding flowers.  

Stay tuned for some tips next week! Have a lovely week!