DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

There is so much that goes into a wedding. One of the most important things is the people you surround yourself with. This is your support system, your helpers, and your best friends. They’re you’re bridesmaids. Before you’re even engaged you probably have a pretty good idea of who these women are. It might be your special day, but include them and make them feel special too because chances are they’ve stuck with you through the ups and downs and are about to stick with you through your bridezilla phase.

It could be as little and sentimental or as funny and flashy as you wan to make it. Asking your friends to be bridesmaid is not only fun for you but very meaningful to them. Make sure they remember it and start your wedding journey off right.

Here is a great idea I found that can be personalized and customized as much as you like. It’s a great way to make tem feel special and get them excited.

There is so many great ways to personalize these boxes for your big day and to you bridesmaids with special gifts and sentimental pieces.

The first thing you will need is some kind of box. That’s about it. You can choose an kind your heart desires, any shape, any size, any color. You can paint them, glitter them, or add their initials or name to personalize it to them. 

Next on the inside you will need to add your proposal. It can be as simple as “Will you be my bridesmaid?” or can be more personalized to whoever your bridesmaid is in your life, whether sister, sister-in-law, best friend and so on.

Then the fun begins. You can add whatever you wish to present your bridesmaids with. I noticed a common theme was wine and champagne, but who doesn’t love that! A few others items I loved were customized bridesmaid or maid of honor shirts as well as monogramed cups or wine glasses. Try including something the entire wedding party can use together throughout the wedding journey.  

The possibilities are endless with these boxes, you can go from candy, makeup, nail polish, jewelry, pictures, and so much more to make your bridesmaid feel special. You want them by your side for this day in your life so make sure they feel appreciated too.

Hope you enjoyed this tip! Happy Sunday, and check back next week!