Announcing your Engagement

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Your better half just popped the question and the two of you are bursting with excitement and emotion that you cannot wait to share. But pause. Take a deep breath and think before you send that Snapchat or post that photo of your new bling.

Announcing your engagement can be tricky, especially with how much we rely on social media these days. Follow this simple guide to make sure you are telling the most important people in your life first, before blasting it out to everyone you’ve ever met.

Family is First – as we all should know, each of your families should be the first ones you tell the good news to. Some of the time your families may know the engagement is coming and are waiting at the edge of their seat for your phone call. So call them first!

Friends are the New Family – if your family isn’t number one in your life or after you’ve shared the news with them, your closets friends should be next on the call list.

After everyone nearest and dearest to you has been personally told, including grandparents and other family or friends who may not be on social media, go ahead and post away. The great thing about social media is, it is a fast and easy way to share the news with everyone in your life. Just be sure you don’t offend anyone by positing it online before telling them in person or with a phone call.