Food Trucks

I am in love with this idea of using a food truck for a wedding! For some, a catering company might be too much money so a great substitute is a food truck with delicious food! There are so many ranges of the types of food you can get with a food truck. You can get more than one as well so that your guests have options. I have no doubt your guests will love the idea. There is so much flexibility for your guests to get up and eat and enjoy themselves at their own convenience. If you are interested in this at all I highly suggest this!

Wedding Dress Trend: Open Back

Almost every girl dreams of what their wedding dress is going to be like. From a ball gown dress, mermaid dress, to an A-line dress, there are so many possible prospects to dream about for the perfect one. If I had to choose a wedding dress in the near future, I would right away pick a dress with an open back. It is not the traditional type of dress you usually see, but it is fun, flirty, and can be absolutely stunning. This is a trend to die for! Look at some of these gorgeous examples and you too will be running to the bridal shop to pick yourself up one of these!