2017 Summer Blues and Other Hues

Summer 2016 has just ended, which means we can begin looking forward to summer wedding trends of 2017! To continue with our gaze into what’s to come for next year, let’s take a look at summer color scheme trends. We’re sure to see fresh color schemes and unique combinations to make every summer event stand out and stun the crowd.

Green, gold and white. We are going to be seeing gold accents most likely all year round for 2017, as it has been gaining momentum through the last couple of seasons. A new and fun combination we hope to see are natural greens, crisp whites with that hint of gold to offset it all.

Pink and gold. Again, accompanied by a gold accent, pink should be making quite a splash in the summer months of 2017. Anywhere from blush pink to deep magentas, this simple combination will showcase exuberance and vibrancy for the beautiful season.

Teal and mint green. Teal and mint green is a seemingly unlikely gorgeous color scheme that should most definitely be on your radar for summer of 2017. Different hues of mint and teal can be paired to create the natural, effortlessly chic atmosphere you’re going for.

Light blue and peach. This color palette may be making an early appearance in spring 2017, but will be most likely be prevalent when summer 2017 comes around. These colors create a light, soft and breezy environment for your special day. There are a plethora of peach flowers to choose from that bloom during the summer months as well.

Black and blush pink. Classic romantic hues will be making a comeback as well. Instead of the traditional white tie scheme with only touches of black, blush pink will be incorporated to give the event a special splash of soft color without overwhelming the simple elegance.

If you haven’t decided on a color scheme for your 2017 summer wedding, take a look at a few of these combinations to find out if any catch your eye! We can’t wait to see what other colors will be seen next year.