Bridal Crafts

This is your big day. Everyone wants to feel extra special on this day. I found a few little things you can do to spice up your day and just make things a little extra special for you and your wedding party.

The first thing I found was these “I DO” stickers for your shoes. This is something you don’t often see and I thought they were super cute and unique.  They had just a special touch to your big day. You can order them online and also find other styles to customize and make your attire as unique as you like. And make sure to get a great picture with these as well! 

Another special touch that will have your wedding party feeling special as well is these great DIY hangers. Just personalize them and add decorations or colors to your pleasing. The great part is that they can keep them as kind of keepsake from your big day. 

 The “Mrs” DIY t-shirt is perfect for getting ready on your big day. You can create this easy with a stencil and fabric paint. You make one for yourself or for the whole bridal party. This is a fun way to get everyone excited for the day and another great keepsake!