Think Outside the White

Sometimes you want to move away from traditional wedding practices without losing said tradition completely. Today we want to talk about an alternative to the classic white wedding gown without completely disregarding custom altogether. There are a couple different avenues you can go that won’t abandon the elegance that a classic white dress brings on your wedding day.

Champagne. A lot can be said to introduce a wedding dress with a glistening champagne glow. Since this errs on the side of yellow, stay away from yellow accents that will make the champagne look bland. You want it to pop! Highlight the array of hidden flecks of sparkle in your dress with gold or even silver accents. You can never go wrong pairing diamonds with champagne either.

Blush pink. If you want color without going overboard, blush pink is the perfect fit for you. Whether it’s blended through the tooling of your skirts, or a lace overlay across your gown, this color is sure to warm up your look without sacrificing sophistication.

Photo by Clane Gessel

Photo by Clane Gessel

Pops of color. Don’t want to commit to a dress entirely not white? Add a colorful sash; embroidered, lace, or satin. This will easily add that pop of color without going too far out on the ledge. You can also sport a headpiece with an array of different color choices.


Ivory. It’s not off white, it’s not cream…it’s ivory. This color choice is creamy and full of depth, giving your dress a marble smooth look. Ivory looks especially elegant with classic black tuxedos. 

Shades of gray. New for the season, light shades of gray are a bold and beautiful alternative to white. Not too dark and not too light, gray compromises by sitting right in the middle and giving you the best of both worlds. This choice is modern and chic, wandering into a whole new territory that’s beyond fashion forward.

A second dress. If you’ve always wanted to wear white on your special day, that doesn’t mean you have to ditch your dreams of color altogether. If having a second dress for your reception is something you’re considering, this is a great time to showcase your pop of color. Change into one of the creamy dream variations listed above, slip on a sultry black number, or choose a solid bright and bold color, like cranberry red. You’re sure to stun your audience in awe with your party ensemble change!

There you have it! A few of the alternatives to a white wedding dress without losing the sacred hue that makes your day magical and bright. If you have ideas of your own, don’t be shy to branch out and begin your own trend. It’s your day so be sure to make of it what you want!