Fall into a Bold Color Palette

Fall is almost here and that means a fresh new season of color trends. We predict bold and bright colors for 2017, beginning with rich, rustic reds and deep satin blues during our autumn months.  Read on for what to expect when you’re expecting…to be married…in the coming months ahead!

Cranberry. Warm and inviting, offsetting lighter shades of rose with a deep cranberry can turn your day into a visionary stunner for sore eyes. This color is lively enough to serve as your backdrop to a killer dance party, yet romantic enough to walk you down the aisle during your ceremony.

Plum.  This color is striking when complimented with dove gray. Pairing an exuberant color with a calm one balances out the two extremes and is an aesthetic treat hitting both ends of the color spectrum. Plum is always elegant and adds an earthy, dreamy vibe to any wedding.

Photo by Kate Price Photography

Photo by Kate Price Photography

Magenta. I’m not saying to line your venue with magenta tapestries—unless you’re into that sort of thing (in which case, by all means please do so, because it will work with the right level of commitment)—but magenta is one of the boldest colors in the many varieties of the wildflower family. If this is what you’re looking for, pair magenta accents with light sweet oranges, soft lavenders, or soft earthy green. This creates a straight-outta-the-field wild flower feel.

Mustard yellow. Mustard yellow and gold accents are a gorgeous combination and make for a flawless bohemian atmosphere. Add a few succulents here and there and you’re all set. Less structured bouquets and centerpieces with the above mentioned wildflower look can tie this look together perfectly.

Peacock blue. Don’t be afraid—deep satin peacock blue is great in small doses. If you want a modern punch to a sophisticated wedding, this is a wonderful color to choose. Offset this bold hue with a blush pink and/or dove gray and watch the magic fall into place.

Don’t be afraid of color this season. Bright is beautiful! Also remember that a little bit of color goes a long way. If you are looking to incorporate a bold color into your special day, be sure to counteract each bold accent with a soft one. Happy planning!